Plot in Platamonas

This piece of land, as clearly shown in the pictures, lies in the very centre of Platamon, one of the most prominent resort towns of southern Pieria and the eastern side of Olympus slopes. Its distance from the pierian coast, the so called Olympic Riviera, about which you can read more in another chapter of this site, is less than a 100 meters. Its extent is 4385 sq. meters and it is a completely free plot for building. Under today’s provisions it can contain a building up to 800 sq. meters, but this can change on the owner’s benefit. It is suitable for building a private mansion or a small hotel or any other appropriate for this area business establishment.

Platamon lives, in the past decades, mainly from tourism. It is an old fishermen village that evolved in a highly estimated resort, mainly because of its clean seas and the beautiful and picturesque green scenery, dominated by the old and famous medieval castle on the nearby hill. After all the southern part of the Olympic Riviera, starting from Litochoron and reaching Nei Pori, is a continuous coastline of blue and emerald waters, refreshing the land and its visitors from the summer heat, which in fact is never unbearable here.

Platamon lies a hundred kilometers from Thessaloniki and less than fifty kilometers from Larissa and Katerini, the nearest cities. These distances, close to zero for today’s fast transportation means, help making it a target for either living permanently here or using it as the place of temporary residence during vacation. It has also a great proximity to many of northern Greece’s antiquities, monuments and landmarks, such as the impressive rocks bearing the Meteora cloisters, and therefore it offers a vast variety of alternative activities for the inhabitant as well as for the businessman. It should be noted that all Pierian region is accessible through the Athens-Thessaloniki national highway, mostly built in recent years, and through renovated railway connecting Greece’s two biggest cities. So there is one thing you miss so far, and that is “being here”. If you want to change that, you should hurry up. Such opportunities are not open for long.