Our office

Our office is situated in Katerini-Pieria, an exceptionally privileged multiproductive area of northern Greece, living under the shadow of mount Olympus. Despite being a greek legal firm, we address ourselves to a global spectrum of potential  assignors and clients, taking advantage of  the possibilities that modern technology, as well as  the ingenuity of contemporary minds, can offer. We have the ability to represent you in cases all over Greece, in a variety of mandates, such as 1. out of court or in court cases, regarding real estate transactions, since this market is expected to receive a great boost after the end of the recent health crisis,  2. pending property issues of greek citizens as well as expatriates or foreigners, 3. Civil law cases as indicated in the next menu item. Our ally is, of course, the forty years of a “battling” legal career and experience, the honesty and integrity towards our assignors, but, more than that, adequate knowledge of our country’s legal system. This we can assure not only in regard  of civil law cases, as our area of expertise, but for other areas as well, since  our “arsenal” does not lack the possibilities for legal battles in them as well. You can ask and we can reply if what you need is possible.

Our indispensable advantage, so that we are able to address the international market, is the possibility of  direct communication and understanding with our assignors, not only in the Greek language but in fluent English and German as well. This way we overcome certain impediments that could arise and disturb the fragile attorney- client relationship. It is important that we speak the same language, isn’t it? Furthermore there exist collaborators that can cover our needs of communication in French and Russian as well, in a manner far more adequate than any “google translator”. So either face to face  in the plain and elegant rooms of our office, or through the electronic telecommunication media, that turned the world into a neighbourhood, we are at your disposition in order to turn your plans into reality.