Oreokastron house

This wonderful and unique mansion is an exquisite specimen of greek middle 20th century architecture. It was built in 1933 by the renowned pioneer architect Aristotelis Zachos and is included among the most distinctive and monumental private buildings of Thessaloniki. We can find it today  in a perfectly habitable condition, in the area of «Oreokastron», one of the most privileged suburbs of the “northern nymph”, historic Thessaloniki, the second  in importance monumental city of the eastern roman (byzantine) empire, after Constantinople (Istanbul).

The house has been “reverently” kept in its present, perfect condition through the caring attention of the owners, who not only did not let such a building deteriorate through time, but instead they worked on it intensely, to make it better with every passing year and in every aspect. The house is officialy included in Thessaloniki’s architectural heritage. Its outside walls are built entirely with stone. Its  habitable area reaches approximately 500 sq. meters, while the building is surrounded by perfectly arranged “edenlike” gardens of more than three thousand sq. meters. The present owners, you see, have kept  the land’s size intact from the ongoing urbanization of the area and the tendency for small, easy to built plots, that may lead to vast exploitation profits but have nothing to do with beauty, style and elegance. Under these circumstances, the whole plot and building in harmonious coexistence literally stand out in the area as an urban timeless gem. So this is a mansion that brings the class of old to meet with living demands of today. An outstanding house, for outstanding  people, awaits for its new owners to embrace.

As far as the city of Thessaloniki is concerned, beyond its historical glamour and prestige, one can mention that it is the second bigger greek port and the commercial  and financial entrance to all the Balkan peninsula. Greece has been envied continuously for having it in its territory. The city’s status gives entrepreneurs, who reside here, vast possibilities of combining successful business with high standards of living, in a mild climate that you can very  seldom find all around the globe. This is the case for all of our country of course. Being a neighbour to such resort areas as Halkidiki and the Olympic Riviera in Pieria, while winter resorts can be reached  in extremely close distances in the surrounding mountains,  Thessaloniki  is  the epicenter of life in northern Greece, and it is considered a privilege to live here.