Irina’s house

This beautiful mansion, a modern house of 175 sq. meters amidst 5 acres of “paradise”, a garden of fully grown and productive olive trees, and many other ornamental plants, is located in the heart of the so called Olympic Riviera in northern Greece, a very special place that travelers would aspire to be by all means: you can come by ship, by plane, by train, car and even “on foot”. What is so special about this area? Mount Olympus for starters. It is not enough to simply call it a landmark, because Olympus is somehow one of the eternal hearts of Greece and the whole world. So this area near Olympus, the Olympic Riviera, has a special aura. After all, the paths of the “olympian gods”, who quite often left their transcendental mountain peak, passed from here, and still exist. One century was replaced by another, but the attraction miraculously remains.

You can sense it in everything: the air, the sounds, the fragrance. In the clouds as well, which only here, above Olympus, take such bizarre forms, that you begin to believe in the “reality of the myth”. Somewhere here the cities of Dion, Heraklion, Livithra shone in their ancient beauty. Their remnants still exist to connect us to the glorious past…

And yet this place is known not only for ancient myths and history. It is here, at the slopes and on the peaks of Olympus, that Orthodox Pilgrimage and monasticism also flourished. St. Dionysius of Olympus and his followers. The remnants of the old monastery, that is being gradually renovated, stand out as a perfect example of this place’s spiritual excellence. At the time of the ever alive prosperity of Orthodox Christianity, many churches and monasteries were built on the slopes of Olympus, for those who chose the Love of God as their only path. Many new monasteries and a new generation of pious people keep this spiritual tradition alive until today.

In addition to all that, Olympus is a world famous resort, where paragliders, lovers of mountaineering and climbing, alpine skiing, fresh springs, hiking and even hunting gather. Here such activities can last all year round, but the hunting season takes place at a strictly defined time, since all area is under the protective umbrella of UNESCO and the greek state, as a world natural and cultural reserve.

Of course, last but not least, it is not the kingdom of Zeus that rules alone. So very near lies Poseidon’s reign, the vast deep blue of Thermaikos gulf, that corner of the Aegean sea that ends in the magnificent city line of Thessaloniki. The sea washes the slopes of Olympus, where the pearls of the Olympic Riviera are located, cities and picturesque villages with developed infrastructure, archaeological parks, luxury hotels immersed in greenery, campgrounds and vast comfortable sandy or stony beaches. According to statistics, the Olympic Riviera is considered one of the cleanest and most extraordinary places in Greece. The combination of sea and mountain air, in this area, is so unique that it can help to cure a number of complex diseases in a shorter than usual time, since the humidity in many places, such as the location of this mansion, is equal to zero. There are doctors who advise people with various heart or respiratory diseases to find their place of rest and health here. This is a reason, but not the only one,  why many immigrants from Europe, especially from Germany, began to move here for permanent residence in the past decades. This new mansion with the unbelievable view all over the coastline of the Olympic Riviera will give you that opportunity to bring serenity and adventure in your life at the same time. It will meet all your demands of a home.

Irina’s House – Video